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What to Look for in an Online Tutor
Online Learning

What to Look for in an Online Tutor

2022-03-22 05:53:28 |    0

Now that so many people are learning from home and accessing educational help via their computers and the Internet, it might also seem like there is an abundance of people out there offering teaching and tutoring services. This can be beneficial yet overwhelming at the same time! There are so many professionals who can now provide even more services since they can work from the comfort and flexibility of their own homes, but this also means that everywhere you look, people are offering online education… so how do you decide who to use?


Crucial Qualities in an Online Educator

Whether you are taking a long-term adult education class or hiring a tutor for your child to help solidify basic concepts, there are a few personal and professional qualities that you will want to make sure the tutor you hire has. This way, you will get the most for your money, and you (or your child) will more likely be successful.


Patience Is a Virtue

First and foremost, you want someone who will be patient with their students. If someone is reaching out for tutoring in a subject, that likely means they’re struggling and need to be taught in a more individualized, gentle way than they were initially receiving. Often a person or child feels vulnerable or insecure in this subject, and you want to ensure the person helping you will be compassionate and kind.


Using Resources Wisely

The Internet makes a wealth of knowledge available at anyone’s fingertips. You want to ensure that your tutor brings in resources from many areas to ensure that lessons are engaging, up-to-date, and individualized to the learner. No one is asking them to recreate the wheel for every lesson, but they should keep things fresh and exciting.


Professionalism with Personability

If you are paying money for someone’s help, you want to know that they are a professional person who is educated in their field. Ask for credentials and references, and don’t be afraid to hold your tutor to a high standard. They should be on time, prepared, well-versed in their subject matter, and technologically apt.


However, you also want someone warm and friendly who will make you (or your student) feel comfortable learning. Professionalism doesn’t have to mean coldness or "no-frills no fun.” The person you are learning from should be able to easily hold a conversation with you, answer questions, and possibly even make you laugh.



As a team, it is essential to set a goal for the class or tutoring session. What do you, as the learner, want to do when the allotted time is over? Do you have specific skills that need to be solidified? Are you preparing to pass a test? Are you looking to master some foundational skills so that you can move on to a higher level of learning? Make sure that you are on the same page and that your tutor knows and agrees to the goals you are setting for yourself.


Final Thoughts

Connection is key. If you feel comfortable hiring a tutor who fits all your requirements as a student, you will be in the best position to accomplish your educational goals.




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