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How to Enhance Learning Retention
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How to Enhance Learning Retention

2022-10-01 03:50:14 |    0

How to Enhance Learning Retention


Education is undoubtedly a stepping stone for greatness in young children and adults. However, how much of this ever-growing knowledge is transferred from short-term to long-term memory? Memory can be described as "the capacity to store and/or retrieve information.” In that case, how can we ensure that the information we teach is thoroughly retrieved and stored?


The capacity to recall knowledge is a wonderful skill to have for the progress of one’s scholarly development. There are a few tips and tricks for establishing learning retention in our students, giving them the confidence they need and deserve to thrive in an educational environment and beyond.



In our industriously changing world where information keeps coming, one of the easiest ways to safeguard knowledge is to over-teach. It may sound ominous or overbearing, but it will guarantee your student will learn the subject until they know the information so well that it becomes second nature.


Practice helping them perform repetitions of the same teachings with flashcards or learning games until what they repeat is error-free and solidified. Use this technique during different parts of the day to trigger recall.


Demonstrate the Appropriate Learning Style

There are a few different ways in which students retain knowledge the best. Catering to their learning style will give them the best chance of retaining the knowledge taught. The delivery by which the knowledge is given to them is different for each learner, as they could be visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, or social.


If you’re talking the ear off a student who learns best with visual demonstrations, there’s a big chance they won’t remember a thing. If you start noticing retention starting to slip in your student, try switching things up a bit and provide multiple formats for your next lesson plan to see if things improve.


Practice Old-Fashioned Notetaking

Having tried and true notetaking skills will provide an adequate approach to retaining lesson plans. In today’s modern world, we’ve become more adapted to a computerized manner of taking notes. As convenient as it may seem, studies show that learners who take the traditional pen and paper route absorb more of the information they learn than those who use their laptops. Hard-copied notes allow students to utilize their writing and reading qualities to more effectively recall lessons and ultimately accomplish better test scores.


Regardless of the types of notes you and your student take, simply having valuable notes will assist with faster learning and instructions that stick. Make sure you organize your knowledge in a way easily summarized into pieces that are easy to comprehend.


Make it Easy for Everyone Involved

With careful planning and concentration, it will become easy for you to provide tutoring agendas that help you and your student safeguard any type of education you provide. By hitting your lesson plans hard in a teaching manner that best suits your learner and providing easy access to notes, you’ll be surprised by how much attention to detail and care they take to lock the knowledge in their memory banks.


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